Hello June…

Designed by Lotum from Germany

Wow…I can’t believe I haven’t posted since February.

Well….actually, since I started a new job Feb 2nd I guess I can, now that I think about it.

It’s JUNE! I have skipped three months…

Oh well… it’s ok.  I have a great excuse.  I started a new job that completely overwhelmed me, had a major life challenge (won’t go into that) and I just haven’t had the head-space or the desire to write.

But I saw this picture above and felt inspired for some reason. lol

I don’t have a lot to say I guess… just wanted to reminisce about why I love June…other than the obvious reason that I was born June 21st.  I love June because I love it when the fireflies come out….hovering just above the ground, twinkling out from the tall trees.  They make me smile and bring back long lost childhood memories of sweet summer nights, glass mason jars and the feel of the cool grass under my feet as I flitted around our yard reaching out to grasp those mysterious lighted bugs.

I also love June because the days are lusciously long and dark doesn’t find me until way after 9 pm and the night bugs serenade me gently when it finally does swallow the last light of summer evenings.  And even at 5pm when i get off from work during the week I don’t fret a bit because I know I still have several hours to unwind and enjoy my day before night falls…I love that!

June just makes me happy…I wish it would never leave….but it always does.  I say farewell on the last day of June and hello at the beginning and hope that I am able to savor all the moments in between.

I guess that’s it for now…. just a little hello. And here is a little ode to June I ran across.

The Month of June

White cotton clouds, fill the sky
with openings of cascade blue
the mountain peaks, are reaching high
reflecting rays of sun on dew

Lovely birds up in the trees
waiting to be heard, singing their tune
along comes a swift gentle breeze
reminding us, it’s the month of June

Over at the stadium, the game is being played
it must have started right at noon
the fans are cheering up in their stands
reminding us, it’s the month of June

The night breeze whispers
when there’s a full moon
shining on the waves, off shore
reminding us, it’s the month of June

The paddle boats are out on the lake
waiting for people to come out on their brake
summer is here, but gone to soon
reminding us, we’re in the month of June.

White Tiger



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