A Perfect Place To Hide

A soft breeze brushes across my cheek and gently ripples the top of the pond water as the sun flashes diamond reflections off the tiny waves.

Birds twitter and flit happily through the trees all around me and an occasional “ker-plunk” along the waters edge gives away a frog’s hiding spot.

The baby leaves of Spring flutter quietly in the late morning run, the treetops swaying with the random gusts of wind up high.

I…am perched upon the top of an over-sized picnic table hidden on the backside of a large pond in a small grove of hardwoods out in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee.

The quiet peacefulness here, in this tucked away place,  soothes my worried soul and the familiar caress of the sun warms my skin and eases my mind.

I awoke with an dark emotional storm brooding in my head and haven’t been able to push away the gloomy  clouds of my inner turmoil all morning…   It’s so strange to me, how the world outside can be bursting with light and beauty and inside I can be lost in a personal whirlwind of painful emotions.

I came here, escaped here…to see if I could stem the tide of mental ache before it overwhelms me to the point of ending up the whole day in my bed.  I tried my meditation, I tried to get a hold of myself, but this tempest just wouldn’t have it, wouldn’t back down and retreat.  So I fled to the silence of nature to see if perhaps I could gather my wits, calm the angry waves of distress and face my life.

This is nothing new to me.

I have fought this battle too many times to count.  The only difference is that I seem to be getting better at beating it, before it’s able to drag me down into that prison of pain, inner pain.  The kind that is so hard to explain or understand if you’ve never visited that island of darkness.

I have come along way in this fight…not far enough, but far enough to know I am getting the upper hand.  Well, usually.

Not today…

I have carelessly allowed to many heavy thoughts through my mental gates in the past few days.  My mind is filled with worry and restlessness today.  When I’m not watching, purposefully… negative thoughts, thoughts of lack and thoughts of unhappiness build up quickly and begin weighing me down with the darkest of moods.

Sometimes my life seems like a tight-rope act with an unceasing need for awareness as to balance.       

Just when I think I’ve got the high-wire walk down…

I lose my balance and am thrown off guard.

Suddenly, frantically…

I’m a split second from losing my footing.

Just like that….

So, here I am.  Looking for a place to hide…

Looking for that inner balance once again.

Hoping that this time….I am able to make it to the other side.  One of these days I will.

Here’s to balance and perfect hiding places,

Kristi Jayne

P.S.  Part 2 of “Busting Your Limiting Money Beliefs” is still on it’s way.


Bust Your Limiting Money Beliefs

Has anyone ever sat you down…

At any point in your life…

Maybe when you were a child,or a teen, or even an adult…

And asked you the question…

What do you believe about money?

I don’t know about you, but my answer to that question is a big, fat NO!

No one in my entire life has ever really asked me about my beliefs around money, even though it’s something that I deal with on a daily basis and has a huge impact on the scope and breadth of my life!

And now that I’m aware of it…I can’t figure out why?  Why didn’t anyone ever sit down with me and directly talk about Money: The Good, Bad and Ugly?   Why isn’t there Money 101 in school?  Even in college, why don’t they offer a course in Money-Making 101?  It’s well-known that there are understandable, systematic ways to creating money or generate wealth, so why aren’t the masses educated in this most important, even vital aspect of living…of living a quality, satisfied life?  If education is SO important and knowledge is power, then why aren’t we being equipped from our earliest educational years, how to understand money, positive and negative beliefs about it, and how to create it and sustain it’s flow?  Why?

If you ask me, it’s a good question to be asking…

Especially if you are interested in creating positive income for yourself in order to support you, your loved ones and your lifestyle.

Some people seem to come by it naturally, others struggle, sometimes their whole lives.  I have to admit that up until I began asking these questions, I would fall into the second category for many, many years.

Let me tell you a story….

Once upon a time (yes, in case your wondering, this is for adults) there was a young women living in the early 21st century.  She was born and raised on American soil, but had a World Wide curiosity.  She was born into a middle class, hard-working family…one where you worked hard, were frugal with money, grateful for everything you had and where the understood motto around money was “getting by is good enough“.

There was seldom any direct reference to money when she was growing up and a few of the ideas that she picked up from watching and listening to her family’s story around money were as follows…

-wanting money is bad

-you should be thankful for what you have and not covet more

-you have to work hard to make money

-lack around money is just part of life

-money is scare and hard to come by

You get the idea….these are the messages I received and without knowing it, adopted as my own belief concerning money.  And guess what?

I have lived out those very beliefs until recently when I began to challenge my own limiting beliefs that I held around money.  Until I became aware of that fact that I was holding onto and manifesting limiting beliefs around money, I simply thought that all those ideas/beliefs were just true because I received those messages from the time I was very young.

The great news is….that they aren’t! A belief is something that you can acknowledge and change!  And that is precisely what I have been working on for the past several months.  And slowly, but surely, my limiting beliefs and negative energy around money have begun to shift.  I am creating a new script with money and the coolest thing is…anyone can do it!

Here’s a great quote from  Joshua Benavides, a well-known and respected EFT Practitioner, on the idea of limiting money beliefs. (click anywhere on the quote and you can visit his webpage)

“If you don’t clear out past negative beliefs about money and success, you’ll never create the wealth you desire. That means: THINK, FEEL and ACT congruent with a Wealthy Mindset. If you want more money but your Unconscious Mind feels it’s not safe to have more (or that you don’t deserve it) there’s no way that you’re going to have it.  Joshua Benavides

How do they know you will never have it under those circumstances?

Because your subconscious mind controls a huge portion of your life and will carry out whatever beliefs are held there regardless if you know they are there or not. And regardless if those beliefs help you or hinder you in your life.  If they are there, your subconscious mind works to manifest them.

(click on the link ‘subconscious mind’ in the sentence above to read more in depth on this subject)

This was simply amazing to me when I discovered this idea.

All these years I have been holding huge limiting beliefs around the area of money and I didn’t even know they were there.  AND, I have been living them out daily, even though it’s been the EXACT opposite of what I truly want!

Well, it looks like this is going to be Part 1 of this post.  Too much great info to cram into just one post around this subject that affects each one of us so profoundly in our lives.  So will wrap this up for now.  Between now and when I post Part 2, I want to take a second to ask you a question.

What do you believe about Money?

Take a few minutes, get a piece of paper and jot down the top five things that come to your mind when you think about Money.  You might be surprised what you find.

For some truly liberating information on audio by world renown Energy Medicine Therapist Carol Tuttle, who is also amazing at helping people identify and change limiting beliefs in their life, click on the link below.


In Part 2 of this post I will be discussing how to deal with these limiting beliefs and will share some amazingly simple techniques for changing these beliefs that work surprisingly fast if you can be honest with yourself!  So don’t miss the follow up and if you haven’t signed up to recieve email updates for my blog you can do that at the top right of this page.

Cheers… to Busting our limiting Money Beliefs!

Kristi Jayne

A Perfect Moment By The Beach…

Have you ever seen a more vast or bluer sky than when you are sitting on the beach looking out over the immense expanse of the ocean?

I see a small group of black-headed gulls that are riding the waves like little bobbers floating upon the surface of the water…and the curious thing is that they seem to be having fun at it!

The air still carries a slight chill from last night, but the sun reaches out to me with its warm energy, wrapping me in the comfort of its gentle rays.

Time seems to take a backseat here for the most part, unless you are trying to make it up to your room for lunch or dinner.  And to linger for a while by the surf, watching the crashing, foaming waves can seem like only a few moments or an eternity.

The place where the water and the land meet is a very healing place for me…washing away my earthly cares and filling me up with serenity and strength.  Much of my time here this trip has been spent pondering and contemplating  life, combing the ocean shore as I also comb the shores of my inner world.

This place where land, sky and water meet is a place where I find solitude and silence and space to gather my thoughts, work through struggles or places of “stuckness” and move a little closer to a healthy, happy “me”.

As I look around I see the boldly, striped resort towels, in green and white, all scattered around on the seaside lounge chairs.  These chairs are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in and once I do it seems like I could languish forever.

Peoples hearts seem more open and much more friendly here than in the real world.  I have been able to see a breakthrough in an area that I’ve struggled with for many years, “fear of people” or that people feel scary, something left over from my childhood, but I’ve found still limits me in my current life.

Working through my limiting beliefs around the fear of people and being here in this place where people are more relaxed and willing to chat has been an enlightening experience for me.

I have met Bill from Vermont and his lovable, black Labradoodle, Jasmine.  Then there was Nancy who I watched practicing some sort of beautiful, slow movements on the beach and got up the nerve to go and ask her what she was doing….”Ti Chi” she explained with a warm smile.  Also there was Tom, a Michigan high-school teacher whom I came across while sunbathing on my beloved lounge chairs.  We had an engaging conversation about education, teenagers, horses and the pros and cons of living in either Georgia or Tennessee.

People can be scary… especially to a young, introverted child, but there are also people that are truly wonderful and a pleasure to meet and speak with.   It’s been amazing to feel my energy truly shift in these areas of limiting beliefs and to also feel with that shift a strong release of positive energy within me.

Cheers to many more perfect moments and for the resolve to search them out!

Kristi Jayne

New Ways of Thinking….(Part 2)

Photo Credit: VistaGems.net

So here I am watching the sun setting over the ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC in a comfortable lounge chair and getting my first real dose of sunshine for the Spring.

My last post left you wondering what happened when I held my hands over my pile of newly purchased Rose Quartz stones.

I wanted to feel something, but was afraid that I might manufacture it because I really did want to feel something.  So I tried my best to clear my mind and open my heart, since that is the area Rose Quartz is supposed to work on.

The truth is…

I didn’t feel anything….the first time.  In fact I felt kinda silly sitting there holding my hands over a bunch of colored rocks, or at least that’s what my inner critic thought of it! I didn’t care though.

I completely loved the idea and the process and knew that it was possible that I had more to learn before I could utilize them correctly.

So I left them sitting there in their flower shape and went to join the family in the water park.

After our weekend was over and I was back at home in my familiar space, I decided to get the Rose Quartz stones out and placed them on my kitchen table along with a lit candle.  Once again, I intuitively felt that they should be placed in the flower shape, but also felt they should all be equidistant from each other and the large middle stone precisely in the center.  So I did…

For some reason, just looking at them was comforting and the mildly flickering candle brought a calmness to the atmosphere as well.  Even though I wasn’t experiencing anything overwhelming from them, I decided to just leave them and “be” with them and see what happened.  As I went about my day, cleaning, unpacking…the kids off at school, I really enjoyed being able to see them as I passed by the kitchen door and several times I was drawn to take a seat at the kitchen table and once again hover my hands slightly above the stones.

What I discovered, after doing this several times, was something akin to a warm, very subtle vibration coming from the stones.  It didn’t seem to be tangible really, just something I could sense on an energy level.   And it made me happy and was comforting in a way I couldn’t explain.  Of course my analytical brain made excuses and scoffed at the idea that I truly felt something, but I just embraced it for what it was and determined to keep an open heart and an open mind!

My journey is continuing…I am learning more about gemstone energy medicine.  Sounds so foreign, yet completely intriguing.

I purchased an 25″ Onyx therapeutic gemstone necklace, which is supposed to be helpful for grounding yourself and am continuing to study and research Energy Medicine in general to see where this path will lead.

In the meantime, I am relaxing and finding plenty of time for mindful meditation here at my favorite place…the beach!  I am currently reading “Free Agent Nation” by Daniel H. Pink, an amazing  book on the future of working for yourself and utilizing the internet to do so.

My days here so far have been sunny, cool and breezy. I have completely enjoyed the long hours of sitting casually on the beach, no schedules, no one to take care of but myself! What’s not to love?

The ocean is a great place for contemplation and pondering and I am doing plenty of that too!

Cheers to more sunny days and new ways of thinking!


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