Moments of Bittersweet

It dawned an almost cool, beautiful August morning today.

Woke up as the sky was reflecting first light and quickly remembered it was the first day of school for the kids.  Where did the past ten weeks go?!

I got up and started getting things ready…book bags, school snack, breakfast and the like.  Peeked in on my 16 yr. old daughter and her bed was empty.  My mind raced for a moment but then remembered she went early to help her best friend get ready for school.

“Home by 7.” she texted me.

The alarm goes off for my son, the new 2nd grader, and I get on my computer to find a cartoon to help him get his eyes open on this early first day of school.  This morning it’s “Real Monster: Episode 22″… lol

I promised him bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, so I go to the kitchen and get the it started.  And as the salty, comforting smell of the bacon hits my senses a strong feeling of gratitude washes over me.  Grateful for the sunlight streaming through my kitchen window, grateful for another day in this familiar farmhouse with my kids and grateful for the sizzling bacon in the pan.



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