My name is Kristi Miceli and I am here with you to encourage you and challenge you to EmBrace Your Life! It doesn’t matter if your life is crappy, a huge struggle, average or great, you can begin learning this very day ways to embrace it, accept it and begin to quietly, steadily change it.

I am primarily a creative thinker and expert solution finder for life problems and mindset challenges.  I think, ponder, voraciously read and research on a daily basis, seeking out simple, yet profound insights and inspirations to share with my readers in order to enrich their lives and escort them to a more enlightened and empowered way of living.  I help people empower themselves to call into their lives those things which will bring them more joy and more fulfillment and to banish those restrictive and confining beliefs, thoughts and habits that keep them from creating the life they want.

My mission in life is to come along side people and help them see their potential as a human beings and help them to realize their own dreams and desires as a reality.  It’s hard to have belief in yourself sometimes, and sometimes we just need another person to reach into our heart and help us pull out the amazing things that we’ve kept hidden away for years or maybe our entire lives. It’s never too late to begin and you never know what the power of one person believing in you can do.  It can change the course of your life forever and that’s what I’m passionate about.

So I invite you to join the journey and see where it takes you…it just might take you to the best years of your life! The ones you’ve been waiting for, but never thought could happen.  Follow me….you’re best life is waiting!

Cheers to an amazing, creative and overcoming journey!

Kristi Jayne


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