Savor the Flavor of Your Life

Savor the Flavor….

It’s been about a week since my last post and I don’t like going that long, but I have a valid reason. There was a death in the family, a car accident took the life of my daughter’s biological father last week and we have been in the throws of dealing with that death and the aftermath.

I know the picture of this post looks happy and colorful and may not seem to go with the theme of death,

but out of all of the sadness and pain over the past eight days I have gleaned a silver lining.  There is something about a death of someone closely connected to you that makes me want to live my life in a richer and more meaningful way.

This loss has snapped my reality into focus like nothing else ever has.  It has made me ponder and question so many things that I normally take for granted or even things that are just unpleasant to look at.  I’ve thot about my children, my loved ones, my time and how I use it, my purpose and what I will leave behind when it’s my time to go.

It’s made me want to savor the flavor of everyday I have, because my days…are numbered.

And I want to soak up, appreciate and make my time count, everyday count towards a meaningful existence and to leave some sort of positive, inspiring legacy when I am no longer here.  And that seems to be the next question, how will I do that, what does it look like?  I believe this blog is part of it, as writing it makes me take each day and harvest the lessons, thoughts and ideas from it and put it into a form, the written word, that can be passed on to others and hopefully bring hope, light and encouragement to all those who read it.

The sorrow has been real, still is very real.  I catch myself feeling so sad about the opportunities that will not be available for my daughter in the future, about how she and he were just beginning to know each other and make a real connection that they could build on.  But I know we have to come to terms with this tragic loss and somehow move forward and find a way to honor the memories and the life that was lived, somehow.

I don’t know all the answers to how this will happen or what it will look like yet, but I do that I can start, today, simply being thoroughly grateful for  each and every moment I have life and breathe in this body of clay and to look deeply for the little opportunities that cross my path daily to make my life, my family and my world a little better place because I am living in it.  I will savor the flavor…everyday.


Positive Energy attracts Positive Energy!

What have you been attracting in your life lately?

Is the energy around you positive or negative?  Are the people that you surround yourself with positive or negative?

It’s vitally important to your well-being and your success that you make sure you are inviting the right kind of energy into your life.  Everyday, you wake up, roll out of bed and are almost immediately confronted with all manner of things as you start your day.  How do you allow the good in and keep the bed out?

First line of defense is to be powerfully aware!

When you are Aware then you can Beware.   Be aware that you are in control of the gates of your mind and your heart and don’t go into auto pilot when dealing with the challenges that life throw at you.  Realize that you are in control of what goes into your eyes and your ears and consciously filter only what will help you succeed and make you a better person!  If the program on the T.V. doesn’t boost your confidence in yourself or in the world, turn it off.  If the people in your life aren’t going anywhere, chances are you aren’t either, find new friends.  If the thoughts going through your mind on a daily basis are negative, depressing or not conducive to being thankful, find a positive blog or book and begin retraining your mind.

It is possible, you can do it!  I did it in only a few short months and I believe you can to.

Try visiting or doing some meditation on all the things you have to be grateful for in your world.  The most important thing is to take a small step, do one simple action.  And then tonight, take another small step.  After one week, you will have taken many steps and you will be on your way to changing… yourself and your life.

The Juicy Fruits of My Labor

The Juicy Fruits of My Labor…

Another morning has come and I found myself once again warm in my bed in my pre-awake state of mind, mulling over ideas for this blog,  images of what I want my life to become and how to create streams of income for myself and my family.  It’s a good feeling to get up and be even mildly excited about the prospects of what the day will bring!

I have spent way too many days, mornings and evenings practically dreading my existence because I was so unhappy with the shape my life had taken.  Sadly, it wasn’t even that awful things were taking place in my life, just that I had no purpose or fulfilling work in my life that gave me that deep down motivation to get up and get moving. I couldn’t see the good things, the simple opportunities all around me , or that possibilities before me.  All I saw was bleakness, powerlessness and a gray future before me.

About six months ago, at the beginning of 2010,I did some pretty heavy soul work, discovered some inner children from a troubled past that I had to make peace with and also decided to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

You see, I had been focusing on what I didn’t have and couldn’t change for so long, that I had dug myself into a pit of depression and angry resentment!  It was a miserable existence I am here to tell you!!  But after clearing out some mental and emotional baggage and slowly starting to guide my thoughts and focus towards a more positive perspective, things began to shift.  Looking back it’s really amazing actually.  I’m not saying everything is coming up perfect daisies now, or that it was easy or overnight, cause it wasn’t.  But I can truly feel the change in my brain, the good endorphins are flowing more consistently and I have found HOPE once again.

Hope that I can be happy, hope that I am capable of creating the life I desire, hope that I can change my life.

Now I am beginning to taste the juicy fruit of my labor, and it makes me wonder what else I can accomplish when I set my mind to gratitude for what I have been given already and set my heart to dreaming about what things are possible in my near future.

Getting Rich….

Lately I’ve been doing alot of digging.

Inside myself that is, down deep…. I wanna know why I don’t currently have the life I want.  What is it that I’ve been doing all my life that is not working?!   So, I’ve set out to sort out, root out and figure out, what I’ve been doing that’s ineffective and what I need to change that will be more effective in getting me that things I want.

One of the main things I am focusing on is the ability to have wealth or the act of getting rich.

I live in America in the 21st century, I have access to the internet worldwide. I am smart, educated, good-hearted and still struggle to make ends meet every month!  Why is that?!

This is what I’m on a quest to find out.

I know there is a reason.  And I am starting to believe that one reason I don’t have the wealth, (which to me is freedom to go and do as I choose and also to help those around me), is that as I have started to study my beliefs and feelings about money, I am realizing that I was raised to believe that having or wanting wealth was wrong!   That is so crazy to me, but I believe it is true.  My parents, who are absolutely some of the most amazing people on the planet, somewhere along the way, instilled in me the belief that I shouldn’t go after money or wealth or that it was somehow a bad thing!

It wasn’t really something that was spoken out loud, at least that I remember, but something that was lived out before me as I grew up.

I still haven’t figured it all out, as I have just now begun to unearth these limiting beliefs deep down in my soul, but it’s been shocking for me to realize this truth.  So now I am striving to understand more thoroughly what these negatives feelings are towards gaining wealth and how that has affected me as I  work towards having the life I desire.

So that’s why I’m digging… I wanna know what I can do from here to get ride of those subtle, but terribly limiting beliefs from so long ago.

Is there help for me? lol

I do believe there is and one place I am going to start is by reprogramming my mind and retraining my thoughts when it comes to thinking and dealing with money, getting rich and gathering wealth.

One resource that has helped shed some great light on this for me is the book by Wallace Wattles called “The Science of Getting Rich”.  Google it and you can read it for free online.  The style of writing is a little peculiar, but there are so many golden nuggets of truth that it’s well worth it!

Here is a quote from the book that really spoke to me and is helping me to transform my mental perspective…

“Increase is what all men and women seek.  The desire for increase is inherent in all nature; it is the fundamental impulse of the Universe.   The normal desire for increased wealth is not an evil thing; it is simply the desire for more abundant; it is aspiration.”

So it’s not bad or evil to want riches or wealth.  It’s the spirit behind the desire that makes it good or bad.  What do you want to do with the increase of money?  I want to better myself, better my family and better the lives of all those whose paths cross with mine.

This whole stream of thought helps me feel so much better about these longings in my heart and I can start thinking more positively about getting rich and moving closer to the life I want!

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