The Door To My Life….

The Door To My Life….

Its right there, can’t you see it.  It’s right in front of you, waiting for you to grab the handle, open and walk through.


So many times over the years I’ve wondered when it was going to be my time!?  When do I get to go after what I want for my life?  Who is going to help me reach my dreams and create the life I want?  Well, after many years of searching and waiting…no one came.  No one showed up to help, no one seemed to be interested enough to help me find my path.  How sad….

But, after months of journaling, looking at my life and trying to figure out where I went wrong, I finally figured it out.  The door had always been there, I just wanted someone else to open it for me.  My fears overshadowed the door, making it scary to move towards it and see what was inside.  But now I know…it’s ME, I’m the one who has to do it for myself and most likely, no one else will ever care enough, or have enough time to do it for me.

So I am taking my life into my own hands! It’s about time.  I want no regrets when its time for me to depart this world and the I have decided, Life’s Too Short to wait anymore!  So here I go….

It’s been maybe a week since I’ve posted.  Lots of doubts and why waste my time when no one’s reading my posts.  But as I am learning to do over the past weeks, I am doubting my doubts!  I enjoy putting my thoughts onto page, I enjoy plumbing the depths of myself and seeing what surfaces, so I will practice and getting putting one blogging foot in front of the other and I will make progress.

I must admit, last week, I took mostly the whole week off from blogging or reading about blogging or thinking about blogging.  Partly because I was sick and partly because I was totally overwhelmed by all the information I was trying to absorb. I actually felt at one point that I truly just wasn’t interested in long-term online stuff, I think I had burned myself out in one overloaded week on the internet!  But then, after taking that time off, I began to feel drawn back again.  So have been picking away at it some more this week.  I am trying to pace myself better and learning to take a break every hour and a half or so and doing something physical. That really helps!

One thing that I discovered, actually today while I was reading an e-book from  I discovered that it is my destiny to create the life that I want!  I know that probably sounds cheesy, but it really hit home for me and began to resonate in my mind.  I have always wanted a destiny, but thought that was for the famous movers and shakers throughout history.

This is a definition that I like for destiny:

The power that predetermine events.

Short and sweet, but truly, I am the power that can predetermine the events in my life.  Not that I can set everything in stone and make it all turn out perfect.  But I am the only one that holds the power to create the life I want!

I can’t create a universe, but I can, with my choices and actions, begin to create the kind of life I want to be living everyday for myself. You can do it too.

It begins with a little step and a small glimmer of hope.

I try to get up every morning and find a blog post that is encouraging and motivates me to take another action towards self improvement and financial freedom.  That’s what I want…to be the best I can be, to help others be the best they can be and to be financially free to do both whenever, wherever and however I choose!

Cleansing Mental Clutter

Good morning all,

Its a lovely Monday and I am fighting a head cold this morning, but intent on posting today.  Besides, I get to work from my comfy bed this sweet morning, so who am I to complain.

As I have progressed on this blogging journey I have read an enormous amount of information on blogs, internet marketing, web content and all manner of advice.  But I began to realize that I have to first confront the internal negative voices that love to give their unwelcome advice day and night.  I am fed up with it and so made a list of several thoughts that come to mind when I think about mental clutter and limiting beliefs etc.  Here are a few of things that my inner critic loves to throw at me as I contemplate doing something new…

– “I’ve waited to long to start and it may be too late!”

– “Life has passed me by.”

– “Nobody will want to hear what I think or have to say.”

– “Too many people are doing blogs and the like already, what I’m doing won’t matter.”

– “I will look foolish or stupid if I fail.”

– “All my hardwork and effort might amount to nothing!”

So, I utilized an online blog post,, to give me some guidelines

on how to go about cleaning out these obstacles in my head and proceeded to take action.  I spent some time thinking about each one.  In her blog, Tina suggests this method…

“Then clear your mind of the clutter, using one of these simple tools:

  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Spend a few minutes letting go of any tension in your body. Then visualize emptying your mind of the clutter and confusion, one source a time. Use whatever imagery works for you. You might imagine a beautiful rain, washing it away; a candle burning it up; or a raft carrying it away on a peaceful lake.
  • Let these pages you’ve been writing on symbolize the mental clutter. Physically move the paper to a different part of the house. Then return to the original room, to a space metaphorically free of all those polluting influences. Then continue with step 2.
  • Give the clutter a send off. Close your eyes and imagine bundling up the clutter (the shoulds, fears, etc.) and taking it to a fun or beautiful place where it can rest without bothering you. Maybe you take all the clutter to your favorite beach, or a camping spot, or the mall. (Sounds hokey, I know, but it works.)”

So, I closed my eyes and pictured myself standing along side a babbling brook and for each of the negative bits of mental clutter I pictured them written on a small piece of notebook paper.  I crumpled them up one at a time and sent them down the creek on a small sailboat made out of sticks.  (Maybe it does sound hokey, but I just went with it! lol)  So, that was my official send off for all those thoughts that I am banning from my mind.  It’s a first step, but like I say, at least it’s a step!

* Honest thot: Even as I write this, I feel like its cheesy, but I really am just practicing daily blogging and getting in the habit of putting it out there.  So bear with me as I learn and explore this new venue.

Validation and How It Affects My Work

Good morning World, I am back at it again today… It feels like I am speaking these words down a long, empty corridor, but I am going to speak them anyways.  I envision that one day soon, I will be making headway and getting comments and even be asked to do a guest writing on one of my favorite blogs like or and especially

But until then, I’m writing, cause that’s what I do! lol

Here is my inspiring link for the day… its one of the emails I woke up and read to get my daily “kickass” mindset on!

The Art of Selling Out (or Why Seeking Validation Is Stupid But Making Money Is Not)

The article is all about needing or not needing validation and really got me thinking about my own reasons for “my

work/my art” and I especially got alot out the following excerpt…

“The Honest Truth About Validation

If you need validation then you’re not creating art.

That’s not to say that what you’re doing isn’t valuable. But the thing about art is this: your art should be valuable to you, first and foremost. Everything else is a bonus.

If your art isn’t valuable to you then you’re not an artist, you’re a factory. And probably unhappy.

What if nobody sees or appreciates what you do? Is it a waste of time putting your heart into something that gets no outside validation? No. Maybe you’re too progressive. Maybe people don’t understand you. Maybe you’re not good enough right now. It happens. If you’re doing it for yourself, none of that matters. You’ll press on.”

Hope this speaks to you as well and be sure to check out Ridiculously Extraordinary website if you enjoyed it!

My question now is, that I think I actually do need validation, at least sometimes or at some point, and when it’s not there it makes me question the reason for writing or doing art. I guess, to be honest, I just want to know that it matters to someone besides myself. But what I took away was that I need to make sure that I am valuing my writing/my art regardless of feedback or lack of it!   So I’m going to keep doing it.. I guess that counts.

If any of this resounds with you or you have anything to add, please comment!  I need all the wise advice I can get, otherwise, I guess

Hello world!

Wow… well I guess this is it.  I’ve been reading and researching about blogging and decided to jump in.  It’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest, but plan on taking one step at a time.  I had all these things I was planning on blogging about and now I feel a little intimidated.  Maybe this is enough for day one… is a small step, but its a step none the less.  I plan on creating this blog to share, encourage and inspire those that read it to get out of their comfort zones too and make something happen.  I have gotten so much insight and encouragement from the many blogs I have come across and hope to do the same.  Thanks so far to Jonathan at, and to name a few.  Here’s goes something!  Kristi

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