Baby Steps to Giant Leaps

A whole new year spans out before us…

I enter the year with humble expectation, tenuous curiosity and an honest bit of trepidation.

The past year…it’s been a year of change, of pain and of finding gratefulness even in longing.

It’s been a year of looking within…of searching without.  Of stirring up courage, but not always holding onto it.  Of being so ready to move forward and then hitting that ever-present wall of resistance and falling back.

Of failing today, failing tomorrow…and finally finding victory a week later, only to fail again the very next day.

Of finding my feet…and facing my fear and fending off doubts.  Of crawling back under the covers and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

It usually is.

New Year’s is always a divergent idea for me, because at the beginning of Winter I feel like going into hibernation, not necessarily rising to new challenges and setting new goals.  It seems to me as a time to go within…quiet myself and gather my thoughts for the frozen days ahead to reflect and ponder.

New Year’s Day is like a tall mountain peak on which I peer into the distant landscape and dream of what might lay ahead.








New Year’s Day is to move off the mountain peak into the great unknown…the beginning of my 365 journey towards what I hope will find me somewhere better and brighter than where I have come from.  A chance to be a better person…a better mother…a better friend…a better ME.

New Year’s Day is a reset button, a “start-again” point….a “let go of that which came before” moment and with open hands and open heart, reach out for what might be.

A point from which I can surmise what it is that I CAN DO…to create that which MUST BE.

I have only ONE specific desire this new year…one upon which I will build all the others…to take Focused-Action everyday. In some way to push forward and make that which I long for… actually HAPPEN.

Cheers to baby steps and giant leaps.

kristi jayne

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”
Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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