New Ways of Thinking…

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As lovely as it is…sometimes learning new things can be challenging & will stretch our minds to embrace thoughts we may not have considered before .

But new thoughts have the power to create new ways of thinking and new ways of thinking can help us to create a new way of living.

At of the beginning of this new year, 2011, I embraced and begun to practice daily and consistently learning to be able to sit with my thoughts, with myself, while grounding myself in the present moment.

It’s not exactly something that I planned, but something that evolved from my enjoyment of sitting in my jacuzzi almost every morning with a lighted candle beside me.

I found that while surrounded by water…

buoyant and supportive element that it can be, I was better able to practice stillness and meta-cognition, which is being aware of your own thoughts.   I found that 30 to 45 minutes during the first part of my day helped me prepare, welcome, gather wisdom and strength to get me through my day successfully and peacefully!

So, this past weekend I was out of town enjoying some family time with my children and husband and upon entering the resort’s gift shop, discovered a little cart piled up with beautiful, multi-colored gemstones.

For some reason stones/rocks have always drawn me to them, even since I was  a little girl.  The smooth, small pieces of hard earth always felt good in my hands and I sensed a strong pull to collect as many as I could.

But, in collecting them I never knew quite what to do with them…and after all how can you justify having large piles of pretty stones (not to mention the resources to purchase them)  if there isn’t any explainable purpose in having them?  So, I set the idea aside as just the imaginings of a child’s heart and left it there, on one of my soul’s shelves for many years.

But as I stood, looking at the little cart filled with shining rocks and observing the children swarming around them like bees to honey, I found myself wanting to fill up one of those little bags to the very brim and take them with me.

So I did!

The few days before I took this mini vacation, I had been researching a new modality of Energy Therapy in the emerging science of  Energy Medicine utilizing gemstones to help heal various “emotional maladies, mental complaints and acute & chronic illnesses of all kinds”.  The material I was studying purposed that this new science is reporting that people are responding to these gem therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways.

[Google: Gemstone Therapy Comes of Age by Michael Katz or click here]

Back to my story…  In my research I had been drawn to the clear beauty of the quartz stone and in that little cart, scattered among the myriad of colored rocks, was rose quartz.  Clear like white quartz but with a tint of delicate pink, I gathered as many small, roundish rose quartz stones as I could find, came across a large, smooth stone of the same and added it to the whole collection of about 15 stones.

I was silently excited and ready to go to the hotel room and gaze and handle my new little treasures.  I had read that having several, spherical stones together would increase the strength of healing energy available, so I was genuinely curious to see if this was so…

Being on vacation with 5 other people in one decently sized hotel room and being the female leader of the group, I found that I had not much time to explore my purchase, but I finally was able to send everyone down to swim before me and stole a few moments of silence to sit and wonder over the pretty, glimmering rocks in my small, velvety bag.

[I am getting near the end, so linger another moment with me for the ending of this short tale.]

I grabbed my royal blue mouse pad as a soft background to lay them on and after I quickly sorted through them, admiring each one… I found myself, without thought, arranging them into a circle around the largest one that I’d chosen.   I looked and saw that it seemed to me in the appearance of a flower and was drawn to hover both hands over the arrangement.

So I did! 🙂

I was aware of the influence and the power of suggestion of the material I’d been recently reading and so tried my best not to “feel” anything that I wasn’t experiencing.  So I just sat quietly, hands barely touching the flower symbol that’s I’d created with rose quartz waiting to see what happened.

To Be Continued…

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Warmest Regards and Cheers to New Way of Thinking and the courage to do so…

Kristi Jayne

Rose QuartzRose Quartz and Artisan Jewelry from Shimmerlings Jewelry (click anywhere on the paragraph below to view original link)

The pale pink color of quartz, which can range from transparent to translucent, is known as rose quartz. The color is a very pale and delicate powder pink. Transparent rose quartz is very rare and is usually so pale that it does not show very much color except in large sizes. The translucent quality of rose quartz is much more available and is used for beads, cabochons, carvings, and architectural purposes.

Often called the “Love Stone” or the “Heart Stone”, it is a gem of unconditional love that opens oneself to all forms of love, self love, family love, platonic love, romantic love. This quartz will give the proper enhancement of love in virtually any situation. In addition it is known to lower stress as well as brining happiness and soothing to the soul.  It is said to enhance one’s capacity to love others as well as oneself.


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