An Evening In June…

I just had an urge to post this little moment that I recorded last summer.  I know it’s out of season, but it’s a happy memory and I enjoyed rereading it to myself this evening… hope you enjoy it too…

“A firefly lights up directly next to my face.  My son, Robert Paul, is casting with his Zebco fishing pole with a top water bait called a Pop-R.          We just got it today.

The evening barely lingers while the splash of a frisky fish sounds across the water and I feel a cool drop in the temperature as the night urges in.

The clouds are smeared across the horizon…smoky gray and blue.  The scattered hills appear as the back of a dragon, bumpy and dark against the almost-summer evening sky.

The June sun just tumbled over the horizon and only a tinge of pinky-orange is left in the western sky.  I can hear the night bugs warming up for their nightly chorus…a middle note, a low note and the gentle chirp of a sleepy sounding cricket.  Then last…the soft, minor tune of a Whip-poor-will.

The water is calm, but shimmering with the movement  of the balmy breeze across it’s silky surface and I can hear the incessant sound of the lake water lapping upon the banks of the river.

Now, the fireflies are everywhere…blinking…silently… in the darkness of the night shadows, surrounding me as I gather our things to head home.”

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