A Perfect Moment By The Beach…

Have you ever seen a more vast or bluer sky than when you are sitting on the beach looking out over the immense expanse of the ocean?

I see a small group of black-headed gulls that are riding the waves like little bobbers floating upon the surface of the water…and the curious thing is that they seem to be having fun at it!

The air still carries a slight chill from last night, but the sun reaches out to me with its warm energy, wrapping me in the comfort of its gentle rays.

Time seems to take a backseat here for the most part, unless you are trying to make it up to your room for lunch or dinner.  And to linger for a while by the surf, watching the crashing, foaming waves can seem like only a few moments or an eternity.

The place where the water and the land meet is a very healing place for me…washing away my earthly cares and filling me up with serenity and strength.  Much of my time here this trip has been spent pondering and contemplating  life, combing the ocean shore as I also comb the shores of my inner world.

This place where land, sky and water meet is a place where I find solitude and silence and space to gather my thoughts, work through struggles or places of “stuckness” and move a little closer to a healthy, happy “me”.

As I look around I see the boldly, striped resort towels, in green and white, all scattered around on the seaside lounge chairs.  These chairs are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in and once I do it seems like I could languish forever.

Peoples hearts seem more open and much more friendly here than in the real world.  I have been able to see a breakthrough in an area that I’ve struggled with for many years, “fear of people” or that people feel scary, something left over from my childhood, but I’ve found still limits me in my current life.

Working through my limiting beliefs around the fear of people and being here in this place where people are more relaxed and willing to chat has been an enlightening experience for me.

I have met Bill from Vermont and his lovable, black Labradoodle, Jasmine.  Then there was Nancy who I watched practicing some sort of beautiful, slow movements on the beach and got up the nerve to go and ask her what she was doing….”Ti Chi” she explained with a warm smile.  Also there was Tom, a Michigan high-school teacher whom I came across while sunbathing on my beloved lounge chairs.  We had an engaging conversation about education, teenagers, horses and the pros and cons of living in either Georgia or Tennessee.

People can be scary… especially to a young, introverted child, but there are also people that are truly wonderful and a pleasure to meet and speak with.   It’s been amazing to feel my energy truly shift in these areas of limiting beliefs and to also feel with that shift a strong release of positive energy within me.

Cheers to many more perfect moments and for the resolve to search them out!

Kristi Jayne

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