Jet Speed Personal Growth

There has never been a time history where so much opportunity for personal growth exsists!

Traditionally, personal growth/self-help, depending on the method you chose, could take months, years, possibly even decades to see real, lasting results.  Things are dramatically changing now and have been rapidly changing for the past 10 years when it come to what’s available to the average individual to see deep positive change. 

It’s an exciting time to be alive if you are someone who strives to be a better person each day or if you enjoy pushing yourself to the limits of personal growth.  I am one of those people and if you are reading this you are probably one too!

And the methods of receiving this information have changed drastically too!

For years and years there have been only a few avenues through which you could find quality information in the area of personal growth.  You could see a professional therapist/counselor or track down various books on the subject.  Paying a therapist can be outside the ability of many people’s budget to afford, or maybe outside their comfort zone.  Books are a wonderful way to receive valuable information, but can be a slow and arduous process to find the right methods for a particular person.

Don’t get me wrong! I highly recommend counseling and the like.  Through the years I have utilized the profession with wonderful, pleasing results.  But the majority of the time I have been unable to afford the quality therapy I needed, when I needed it the most.

And books…I LOVE books, they are some of my most prized possessions!  I read daily and usually am in the middle of 5 -8 books at any given time.  They are amazing resources and if you can find what your looking for at your local library or can afford to purchase them, you are in good standing. Reading is a powerful tool! Do it daily if possible.

My point is, that now, because of the phenomenal amount of quality information available through the internet and because of the scope and ability of science to now peer into a funtioning human brain (fMRI), the techniques that are pouring into the field of self help psychology are enabling people, (you and me) to experience unprecedented  personal growth like we’ve never seen.

AND, some of the best news to me, is the speed at which we can begin seeing these results, which are starting to move at Jet Speed!

In my current research I am running across many cutting edge and astounding new methods that are on the cusp of breaking into mainstream awareness in the area of personal psychology and self help.  It’s so inspiring for someone such as myself, who has been their own therapist for much of their life, to uncover such powerful tools which have the ability to help people overcome personal issues at such an accelerated pace!

It won’t be possible in one post to study or analyze the many methods, but consider this an introduction for anyone looking to move forward in their personal success & well-being, escape limiting beliefs or finally be released from emotional patterns that have defeated you from experiencing the life you want.  And do it in literally minimal amounts of time compared to the vast amounts it’s usually taken in the recent past.

Now, to me, that’s incredible and such a breath of fresh air its hard for me to contain it!

For years and years, I have been on the search for methods that I could easily utilize in the privacy of my own home, that would be cost effective and would, most importantly, not require long years of implementation before I could see positive results.  I believe we are starting to see those methods come forward and be available to anyone who has the desire to apply themselves and who has an open heart.  And these methods aren’t just changing behavioral patterns, they are transforming lives!

Ok, I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat and demanding to know….what are some of these methods?!  This will be the first of probably several posts on this topic, but just to whet your appetite here are few things you can look up to get you started and not feel like I’ve left you hanging just when it’s getting good!

1) The Promise of Energy Psychology (book)

2) Tapping Therapy (technique)

3) Chakra Clearing (technique)

These should get you started and give you an idea of what’s available to you.  Enjoy!

Cheers to Jet Speed Personal Growth,

Kristi Jayne

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