New Ways of Thinking…

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As lovely as it is…sometimes learning new things can be challenging & will stretch our minds to embrace thoughts we may not have considered before .

But new thoughts have the power to create new ways of thinking and new ways of thinking can help us to create a new way of living.

At of the beginning of this new year, 2011, I embraced and begun to practice daily and consistently learning to be able to sit with my thoughts, with myself, while grounding myself in the present moment.

It’s not exactly something that I planned, but something that evolved from my enjoyment of sitting in my jacuzzi almost every morning with a lighted candle beside me.

I found that while surrounded by water…

buoyant and supportive element that it can be, I was better able to practice stillness and meta-cognition, which is being aware of your own thoughts.   I found that 30 to 45 minutes during the first part of my day helped me prepare, welcome, gather wisdom and strength to get me through my day successfully and peacefully!

So, this past weekend I was out of town enjoying some family time with my children and husband and upon entering the resort’s gift shop, discovered a little cart piled up with beautiful, multi-colored gemstones.

For some reason stones/rocks have always drawn me to them, even since I was  a little girl.  The smooth, small pieces of hard earth always felt good in my hands and I sensed a strong pull to collect as many as I could.

But, in collecting them I never knew quite what to do with them…and after all how can you justify having large piles of pretty stones (not to mention the resources to purchase them)  if there isn’t any explainable purpose in having them?  So, I set the idea aside as just the imaginings of a child’s heart and left it there, on one of my soul’s shelves for many years.

But as I stood, looking at the little cart filled with shining rocks and observing the children swarming around them like bees to honey, I found myself wanting to fill up one of those little bags to the very brim and take them with me.

So I did!

The few days before I took this mini vacation, I had been researching a new modality of Energy Therapy in the emerging science of  Energy Medicine utilizing gemstones to help heal various “emotional maladies, mental complaints and acute & chronic illnesses of all kinds”.  The material I was studying purposed that this new science is reporting that people are responding to these gem therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways.

[Google: Gemstone Therapy Comes of Age by Michael Katz or click here]

Back to my story…  In my research I had been drawn to the clear beauty of the quartz stone and in that little cart, scattered among the myriad of colored rocks, was rose quartz.  Clear like white quartz but with a tint of delicate pink, I gathered as many small, roundish rose quartz stones as I could find, came across a large, smooth stone of the same and added it to the whole collection of about 15 stones.

I was silently excited and ready to go to the hotel room and gaze and handle my new little treasures.  I had read that having several, spherical stones together would increase the strength of healing energy available, so I was genuinely curious to see if this was so…

Being on vacation with 5 other people in one decently sized hotel room and being the female leader of the group, I found that I had not much time to explore my purchase, but I finally was able to send everyone down to swim before me and stole a few moments of silence to sit and wonder over the pretty, glimmering rocks in my small, velvety bag.

[I am getting near the end, so linger another moment with me for the ending of this short tale.]

I grabbed my royal blue mouse pad as a soft background to lay them on and after I quickly sorted through them, admiring each one… I found myself, without thought, arranging them into a circle around the largest one that I’d chosen.   I looked and saw that it seemed to me in the appearance of a flower and was drawn to hover both hands over the arrangement.

So I did! 🙂

I was aware of the influence and the power of suggestion of the material I’d been recently reading and so tried my best not to “feel” anything that I wasn’t experiencing.  So I just sat quietly, hands barely touching the flower symbol that’s I’d created with rose quartz waiting to see what happened.

To Be Continued…

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Warmest Regards and Cheers to New Way of Thinking and the courage to do so…

Kristi Jayne

Rose QuartzRose Quartz and Artisan Jewelry from Shimmerlings Jewelry (click anywhere on the paragraph below to view original link)

The pale pink color of quartz, which can range from transparent to translucent, is known as rose quartz. The color is a very pale and delicate powder pink. Transparent rose quartz is very rare and is usually so pale that it does not show very much color except in large sizes. The translucent quality of rose quartz is much more available and is used for beads, cabochons, carvings, and architectural purposes.

Often called the “Love Stone” or the “Heart Stone”, it is a gem of unconditional love that opens oneself to all forms of love, self love, family love, platonic love, romantic love. This quartz will give the proper enhancement of love in virtually any situation. In addition it is known to lower stress as well as brining happiness and soothing to the soul.  It is said to enhance one’s capacity to love others as well as oneself.

Frogs in February!

On the 15th of February I heard one.  It was late in the afternoon, the sun had already begun sinking in the sky.  I was sitting on the back porch wondering just how much longer Winter’s grasp would hold us and then a lone, barely audible croak came from the creek across the road! I strained my ears to see if what I thought I heard was really what I heard.

Sure enough, once the house fan stopped running and the neighbors dog quieted down, I could hear several frogs croaking, weakly, but croaking!

This may sound silly, but each February, late in the month, I wait to hear the sounds of the frogs croaking because it means that winter is slowly losing it’s frosty grip on the seasons and that Spring and sunnier, warmer weather is just around the bend!

Four years ago in 2007 we moved from the hurried, rat race life in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga to a small 11 acre farm in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mtns in East TN.  To be honest its been a love/hate relationship, but one of the things I do love is the change in the seasons and my favorite change is the one from Winter to Spring.  We moved here in a frigid January and come the end of the that February I noticed the sound of the frogs and every year since I have learned to listen for the sounds of croaking.

So forgive me if I am flighty over the frogs of February, but my days are getting longer, the nights are not 17 degrees and the prospect of sunny, warm days just make me feel better!

This week I have been continuing my online journey of blogging and learning how to run an online business.  I always learn a lot and this week is no exception!

I have studied Augmented Humanity with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and Everett Bogue of Far Beyond the Stars.  Augmented humanity in a nutshell is the way that computers are helping us to create new ways of living on and offline, ie. Smart Phones, Internet business, working from anywhere with a laptop etc.  It’s really an exciting subject and one that always keeps me coming back for more! Click on any of the links above to read or listen to a more in depth explanation.

I have learned about the launch of the new website Ebookling, a place for ebook authors to get read and for readers to read and even make money if they share an ebook link that someone follows and makes a purchase they can make a commission!   Very cool as I love to read and make money! It’s just been launched and look forward to seeing how their grand experiment goes.  I read about three new launches of Ebook type websites this week actually… The Domino Project is Seth Godin’s newest project with  And, which is gaining momentum as a place to go for the latest cutting ideas and information from around the world, has launched Ted Books, a place for “short nonfiction books for designed for digital distribution” for only  $2.99 each!  But, as these three launch I also read about my favorite real life book store going into bankruptcy, Borders! So, the world spins faster and things come and things go.

I read a very informative post from Johnathan at, but the part that really inspired me was at the very end where he gave a short, sweet nutshell of the trend that is happening right now in the internet world…here, I will just let him say it!

“There is a growing movement of people saying goodbye to traditional work environments and creating meaningful self employment. More and more people are leaving the mind-numbing industrial work complex and creating work that’s deeply significant for themselves. And even more people are ditching the “mind renting” model and joining an interdependent web of free agents that support each other with their unique gifts and talents.”

Well said Johnathan and that is right where I am! On the hunt to harness the beast to create an online income for myself and so I can live and work from anywhere. It was encouraging to know that I am not alone and that it is actually possible, and that’s what I am doing.  Little by little, day by day…giving myself an online education, mostly for free, about how to create an e-business and live on the edge of life utilizing this amazing invention called the World Wide Web.  This is my journey…

One last thing I learned this week was from Corbet Barr at Corbet

He wrote an article called “5 Steps to Online Success” with some really sweet and simple ideas on living online. But the thing that really stood out to was the following…

“Once you’ve committed to the journey… make the journey your new reality and know that if you do your best, you’ll succeed no matter what.  Failure doesn’t exist if you consider every failure a building block towards your ultimate success.  You owe it to yourself to live the life you know down deep you were meant to live.  Every day you aren’t radiantly alive and pursuing your life’s purpose is a day wasted.”

So, I’ve committed to the journey, I am joining a movement of people looking to design their own lifestyle online and I am learning to live in a new way, like no other generation has had the opportunity to live like before now!

Cheers to frogs, sunshine and Ebookling!


(Photo Credit: Gary Yankech on Flickr)


Big Beautiful Valentine!

Well, I have to make a confession!

Valentine’s Day is my very favorite holiday of the year.

It sounds a little silly… but it’s true.

I love this day because it’s usually a happy, light-hearted kind of day.  It’s not overwhelming for me like Christmas, there are no great big meals to prepare, and there are only simple gifts to give from the heart for whomever you chose!

I started celebrating Valentine’s Day last weekend when I went to visit my sister in Georgia.  We had a wonderful creative weekend, ate great good, shopped and exchanged fun, meaningful gifts with each other.

I think I also like this holiday because it is getting much closer to Spring and warmer weather and longer days.  Everyone looks forward to that I would suppose.  And the weather where I am this weekend has been an absolute dream!

I did some meditating in my hot tub this morning and welcomed the  bright, beautiful day.

I find the more I take that time to center myself and call balance and peace into my life each morning , the more prepared I am for the day! Plus it’s pretty easy to find it when you have a big, warm sun coming over the horizon to get you started!

I also ran across this fun blog called Down Dog Blog.  Its a small light hearted blog, but she has some simple ideas for practicing yoga/meditation at home.

Here is an excerpt:

“Developing a home practice can be challenging.  Usually, I have to feel the stars aligning in order to find the space (mental and physical) to practice at home.  But I know it’s important so lately I have been doubling down my efforts to acknowledge my resistance and work through it.

One of my issues was the space, so I designated a yoga corner in the living room. This way, I don’t have to move furniture in order to practice.  The corner is free and clear of clutter with a mat or two rolled up in the corner, an eye pillow, strap, and usually a few yoga books for reference.”

The other thing I ran across that I found very provocative and very true was a post by Johnathan Fields called “A Love Poem for Entrepreneurs”.  It  made me curious, drew me in and then made me laugh. Check out Johnathan at

A Love Poem for Entrepreneurs

Tease me. Lure me. Consume me.

Driven breathless into your arms. Why can’t I stop thinking of you.

To awaken at night and feel you wrapped around me.

Warm breath pouring across me. Tingling.

Please. I beg of you. I love you. But let me sleep.

And yet, at daybreak. You linger.

What joy….



In your grip.

I cannot stop thinking about you.

My head fills. Spinning. Whirling. Relentless.

Heart rapt. Singing. Breaking. Opening. Closing.

Shattering. Exalting. Always back for more.

Sorrow. Bliss. We dance. We play.

Why do I keep returning?

So much you’ve given. So much you’ve taken.

Yet still. I yearn. And return.

To call you once more by your name.


We are, I pray. I fear. Bound for life.

What joy.

With that I bid you adieu until another day!

Live your Moments! Your life is Now!



Photo credit: Vanessa Pike Russell (you can find more of her work at or click on link)

Pure Cuteness…

The end of January is upon us so quickly.

Even my teenage daughter has commented on how fast the months are going by! Usually I try and pick a photo that somehow relates to what I’m posting about, but this one is just for pure cuteness!

This is a been a month of cold and reflection.  I have struggled to post, but am keeping up my online education for internet business and blogging.  It is still amazing to me how much is available for free and what a great education you can get if you are willing to put in some hard work.

I hesitate to post when i don’t feel like I have some interesting information to share or some brilliant insight to impart, but after reading Jade Craven’s blog I have decided that the scope of what you can blog about, including your own feelings and experiences is not as narrow as I have read on other blogs.  She totally puts herself out there, with all of her struggles and emotions and she’s got a great following and I love that she does it like that, makes me feel more connected to her because she struggles too!  Not that I would have the guts to be such an open book, but I think I can take a wider scope in the material that I write about.

So, the blogging journey is a a total emotional roller coaster for me, but in a good way I think.  I get fed up and overwhelmed for a few days, but then I start getting the urge to get back in the ring and go at it some more.  I can’t explain it, because I have got to be one of the world’s worst for thinking of great, creative ideas and NEVER following through with them!  I drive myself crazy!  So, this month of January, I have been taking a good hard look at what my problem might be. More on that later, but I am making headway, I think.

I have been reading the book “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink (he’s my new hero!)  It’s an wonderfully enlightening book about what motivates us as human beings and what doesn’t.   I have to admit that I am blown away and slightly jealous of Mr. Pink’s deep of knowledge of his subject matter, his engaging style of writing and his visionary grasp of the big picture of where we have been and where we can go in terms of motivation and finding more satisfaction in our lives.

His ideas and explanations of the real world issues facing us on all sides; our life, our work and our relationships and his practical solutions for moving us forward as individuals and as a human race have me invigorated and longing to get out there and be the change I want to see in the world.

So many people out there are looking for a new way of being…in the world, in their lives and I think Mr. Pink has a handle on some good starting points.  He puts forth the three nutrients that are required for this new way of being, living and working are: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose!  They are three beautiful and freeing notions that resound to the depths of my being.  Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true! lol  In so many ways our society and even the global culture is locked into outdated ways of existing.  We are still living a way of life designed for the 2oth century and we are already a decade into the 21st!

It’s time to move forward out of the ruts of old habits and old thinking that no longer benefit us and actually hold us back from realizing our potential.

Why is change so difficult and why does it take so long sometimes?

What we need is a revolution in the hearts and minds of wonderfully enlightened human beings who realize that our current model of success and motivation isn’t working very well.  We need a beautiful revolution of people getting what they need to direct and control their lives, at work and at home.   The opportunity to become fully engaged in what they are gifted to do and passionate about and to do it in pursuit of a purpose larger than themselves that brings about satisfaction and deep personal fulfillment! That’s what I’m talking about ! lol

A mindful revolution of brilliant, respectful and caring individuals based on what brings us together and makes us come alive instead of what divides us and tears us apart!

One way that I see this happening is through the internet.  Savvy people all over the world with great ideas connecting with other savvy people with more great ideas getting together and creating a wave of social and cultural change.  It can happen, actually it is happening.  The internet is revolutionizing  commerce, behavior, ways of connecting on a more meaningful level.  It’s really amazing…

Ok, so I guess I had alot more to say than I realized! lol  I have been putting in alot of info into this brain of mine the past week and I always forget that it takes a few days to process and sink in so that I can put it all together.  So to bring this around full circle from where I started 900 words ago, whew…. I am sticking with this online blogging and business thing like I have never stuck with something before…so I believe I am onto something of a personal revolution, which I desperately need, and can’t wait to see where it leads.



I Say Yes!

I woke up to a





It’s a pretty way to wake up…but

The past weeks I have been in quiet mode.

Slow-paced, struggling, searching mode.

I’m struggling to find my way, searching to see what comes next and slowly moving forward although it seems I’m making no progress at all.  Maybe it’s just the holidays take over and life-as-usual ceases to exist for awhile.

Whatever the case I suppose I had to hibernate for a bit. Winter is upon me, the cold freezes my toes, and soggy is not my favorite way to view the world, but it’s reality.  I’m still trying to embrace Winter, but it’s a daily challenge.  I just miss the sun!

To be honest, I am also overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed at the size and scope of life in this huge, whizzing new techno-frontier we are zooming through and towards.  I feel like my life should be amounting to something.  Something meaningful, something interesting. But I feel as though I’ve allowed it to become what it will, instead of what I want it to be.

So 2011 is the year that I change that!

For the first time in my life

I’ve made a few New Year’s Resolutions (NYR’s) that I’m really serious about keeping.  I have never really made it a point to do that…so that’s one first for me. I didn’t make too many because I don’t know if I can do it.

So I started simply, with just a few.

1) Stop Cursing.

That is the first one.  I used to be very dedicated and successful at keeping certain words out of my vocabulary, but the past few years I have noticed I’ve let my guard down and it seems the more I curse, well, the more I curse, and I don’t like it.

I don’t like what it says about me, I don’t like it when I hear other people doing it ( I turned off the movie “Going The Distance” the other night because the content was so crass and the language so foul.).  But I have been doing it anyways.

I think because life has become so frustrating for me, so disappointing, and so stuck.  But the curse words don’t really make anything better. They seem to let off steam at the moment, but then I feel bad.  So I am going to curtail certain words. I dont’ have to do it perfectly, but I am going to become a minimalist cusser! lol

2)  Write daily. 

That’s another one.  My writing is usually so random as far as consistency.  I will write daily for a month and then stop for two.  It’s like I have a child part inside of me, that, at times, absolutely refuses to put pen to paper.  But I enjoy it so much and it drives me crazy when I do that.  So, I’ve taken a different approach. Instead of looking at it like a discipline thing, I am viewing it as an means to an end.  I want to be a better writer in 2011 and that means writing every day.  No shame, no guilt, just my goal.

3)  Be Active Weekly.

This is tough one for me.  I don’t like exercising for the sake of exercising.  I started riding my bike several times a week back in the fall, but then the cold weather hit and stopped me in my proverbial tracks!  Riding in 30 degree weather is basically impossible to get motivated for, I just can’t do it.

So I am hoping to find something inside I can do on the days that I can’t get out.  I wish sitting in my hot tub would suffice, but it doesn’t exactly get my heart rate up!   At any rate, I feel SO much better when I am active in some way.  My brain works better, my mood is better and my creativity is at it’s peak when my blood gets flowing!

4) Get Involved Socially!

This is an area that has been seriously neglected the past four years.  I live in a very rural area and moved away from all my friends and family when I came here.  It’s been easier to just hang out with the family and the critters than to try and develop friendships and get out and meet people.

But it’s not working for me and I’ve decided that has to change!

I emailed a women about helping backstage with a local theater group because it sounds like fun and I’ve always wanted to try theater, but have been to afraid.  So she suggested I start backstage and I thought that was a great idea! So, that is my baby step.

Last night I started a book called “Improv Wisdom”

and she speaks of being a person who says “Yes”!

She gave a quote by Keith Johnstone: “There are people who prefer to say “Yes” and there are people who prefer to say “No”.   Those who say “Yes” are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say “No” are rewarded by the safety they attain.”

I am tired of being “safe” and saying “No” because of my cautious side and because of my doubts and fears!


So I am going to make 2011 my year of saying “Yes”,

or at least learning to do it much more often.  Won’t you join me?

p.s.  I got affirmation on my “Yes Year” after reading, where Everett Bogue interestingly speaks of saying “Yes” as well.  Check it out!

Cheers to having a “Yes Year” and seeing where it will take us!


Staying Real

This past week has been a real struggle.

I wish I could write another cheery encouragement to you saying things are going great and my online journey is beautiful, but I can’t.  Well, I could…and actually I thought about pushing aside the reality of where I am right now and giving you some sage advice on being happy and lovin’ life, but I won’t.

One of the things I want to do with this blog is to stay real.

Staying real in a world of “unrealistic” television, flashy ads on billboards and perfectly perfect models on magazine covers combined with a culture that promotes, “never let ’em see you sweat”, is no small order, at least not for me.

I’ve found that being “real” though,  is what I want and I believe what this world desperately needs, at least those of us who are still human.

The brilliant Everett Bogue, one of my favorite blogs to read, has been doing a provocative series of posts on superhumans, drones and zombies.  I don’t have time to restate the whole thing here but its very thought-provoking and if you want to real the whole article visit and give it a look.

At any rate, part of his point is that so many of us “humans” have been turned into things that aren’t real and that aren’t really living, ie. drones and zombies, by a fake world that wants to define our reality.  Everett states his articles are simple metaphors, but its really easy to forget that when you start reading because somewhere deep inside alot of us, it feels like the truth.

In light of those thoughts, I choose to stay real in this post in hopes of connecting with my readers at a much deeper level than the sticky-sweet, superficial surface of this current culture.  To be honest I’m tired of strapping on masks and fake smiles in order to appear that I have it all together or that I’m somehow better because I never show my struggles, or worse yet, pretend that I don’t have any.

That only keeps us all stuck in the crazy cycles we’re beyond tired of.

But my struggle has been very real this week.  My doubts, I hate to admit, have overwhelmed me.  I wanted to quit, throw in the proverbial towel and to be honest, for several days last week, I did. 

I lost my drive to write, to share. I couldn’t even turn on the internet.  My creative spark got doused and a big, dark cloud wrapped itself around me and I almost completely gave up.  I felt I couldn’t share my struggle on this blog, too depressing.  Who would want to read that?

But I realized I couldn’t pretend and write something from my head and leave out my heart and the truth of my condition.  So, I decided to take a risk (shiver) and step way out of my comfort zone in the chance that these genuine, honest words would connect with someone right where they are too.

Fortunately, yesterday morning things began to change for me.  They changed because of a phone call.  The person at the other end of the line heard the struggle in my voice and came to my rescue.  He validated the hard place I was in, empathized because he’d been there before and then reminded me why I started this in the first place.

I began this to make a difference, to reach out to people through words and connect with them at a real level and help them grow.

My writing is how I let the world in.

Sometimes, reading other people’s writing is the most powerful and safe way that I am able to open up and see myself for what I really am. The good, the bad, the beautiful & the unsure.

Because, for some reason,  if someone else has felt that way, then maybe what I’m feeling, what I’m going through is only human, and that somehow makes me feel relieved… and it’s easier to embrace.  Maybe these words will be that for you too.

And sometimes words have a way of penetrating the surface of our lives and  they can go deep.

They go deep and are able to connect with what’s real inside me.  Inside of us.

And that’s where we change

That’s where we grow.

BTW, the person on the other end of that phone call was my husband.  He helped relight my spark, told me he believed in what I’m doing and that he believed people need what I have to say.  Those words penetrated my dark funk, went deep and this morning I decided to keep climbing.

Thank you Honey…

My climb this past week has involved wading through the cold, desolate swamp of discouragement and doubt.  And sometimes in that  dark swamp, we get stuck and find ourselves even wallowing in it.

I’ve decided that’s ok.  That’s what’s real.

The journey,in all it’s beauty and all it’s misery, is what’s real.  But what’s even more real than that are the relationships around you, which anchor you in life’s storms and which pull you out of all life’s murky swamps.

Here’s to Staying Real,


Adjusting to my new “On-Demand” Work Day

On my journey towards financial freedom, I have begun to realize that my work days don’t look like they used to..

I don’t have to work between the hours of 9-5pm any longer.  I am so used to being on the “work morning and afternoon schedule”, that I have had to remind myself  today that it doesn’t have to fall in between those hours anymore.

When I got up this morning I felt out of sorts, couldn’t really find my groove with my work.  I did all the regular things that i usually do… got up, got kids up and on bus, stoked fire, ate breakfast and took vitamins.  Then I got in the hot tub to try and meditate and find my balance for the day, but I was restless and the day was cold and gray.

I then decided I needed to get out and moving. My first thought was a bike ride, that has become my drug of choice because of the creative rush I get afterward…lol, but I realized I hadn’t been horse-back riding for almost two weeks and thot that it would be good to get out and ride Prince and let the dogs, Dixie and Ace, go run for awhile.

So went and rode and basically just got cold.

Came home, unthawed, let the other horses out and still couldn’t find my concentration or my inspiration.

I went ahead and sat down at my work spot and started sorting and got on the internet just to try and get something started.  I felt uninspired, I felt sluggish and I felt a little defeated for some reason.  My usual passion and momentum for my work just wasn’t flowing and I couldn’t figure out how to prime the pump.

I realized it had been two weeks since I had a normal, consistent string of days for working and that maybe I was just having to get adjusted to being back in the saddle.  My whole day felt awkward and out of sync, but now that the sun has set I feel some energy from somewhere and my brain seems to be ready to work a little.  That’s strange for me because my “normal” optimal brain hours are in the morning, so to have motivation hit me after dark is kinda different.

I decided to roll with it, and that maybe I am just not used to being able to work whenever the urge hits me and that it doesn’t have to be within a certain time period.  That’s really a change for me, but I have labeled it, adjusting to my new “on-demand” work day.

I think I like it,

I just have to remember to go with the flow,

and not fight to arrange it all in a neat schedule.

Inspiration doesn’t work on a schedule!



Embracing Winter

This year I’ve decided to

embrace Winter!

The colder months of the year are always a challenge for me and every year I tend to dread the end of Autumn and the beginning of the cold, dreary days of Winter.

This year I’ve decided to look for the things that I like about the weather being colder and to create rituals or hobbies that help me make the best out of a dreary situation!

Here are a few “Happy Winter Things” I thought of…

  • With all the leaves gone the sunsets create glowing silhouettes with the bare branches of the trees
  • There is no worries about bugs or flying critters that might sting you or land on you
  • At night the stars seem to be extra bright and beautiful against the cold winter sky
  • I have horses and I like their warm, fuzzy winter coats that they grow to stay warm
  • No grass to mow or weeds to worry about for a few months
  • I love watching a fire burn and winter is the perfect time for heating your house with a wood stove
  • One of my favorite things is to slide into my jacuzzi while snow is falling, that’s near to perfect!
  • I enjoy the crunch, crunch of the newly fallen leaves under my feet when I go out for a walk
  • Holding a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot cider is comforting and makes me smile..

I guess you get the idea of how I’m trying to look at things differently, or at least focus on the positive side.  The times that it gets more difficult is after the Holidays, when all the rush and hustle is quieted down and I’m staring at 10 weeks of freezing weather ahead.  When the cold, gray clouds get socked in for a week and the sun seems like it took a vacation, that’s when it effects me the strongest!

I have also taken up cooking as a wintertime hobby.

I’ve never been much of a fan of  cooking. I love to eat, but cooking seems to be so never-ending once you get into it.  But I figure that when I can’t go outside and I’ve had all the TV and movies I can stand, that trying a new recipe that results in a yummy treat for the whole family has got to be a good thing!

So, I’ve been trying new recipes and a great resource is  Lots of fun and tasty things to discover with Leigh Ann!  Sour Cream Apple Bars were a big hit and taste amazing right out of the oven…

Another thing that I’ve been doing is a ritual to welcome the early evenings.  One of my least favorite things about winter are those darn short days!  It feels like a I just get started with everything and then, just like that, the sun sets and it’s cold and dark!   So! I decided to make the best of it and every evening just as the sun in sinking into horizon and the light is fading from the sky, I light several candles and turn on some fun dance music! I make my kitchen really cozy and happy then start an impromptu dance party.  It has really made a difference in changing my mindset from dreading the short days to enjoying the coming on of each evening.

Well, there you have it… my personal strategy for braving the coming winter and hopefully it has inspired you to think about the cold season a little differently.  Don’t feel badly if you don’t feel much better though, I have struggled with it for many years and just this year decided to strive for something different, a more positive mindset and happier outlook.

If you have anything to add to my above list of “ Happy Winter Things” , please leave a comment and share, I need all the input I can get!


Here’s to warmer thoughts and warmer toes and doing better at Embracing Winter!



Your Powerful Words (Part 1)

Have you ever stopped to contemplate, just really think about how amazing words are?

Do you REALIZE what power words carry?

Words can change your life! They can alter your thoughts and beliefs.  Words can shape your entire future and yet so few of us really take the time to understand just how powerful the words we hear, think and say are.

Here is something to try that will help you “feel” my point. Below are five sentences (& of course sentences are made up of words.).  Take a brief moment to read each one…and after each sentence PAUSE and notice the feelings or thoughts that each “set of words” brings up inside you.

1)  Take a deep breath…everything is OK.

2)  Honey, you better sit down, I have some INcredible news!  We just won the $500,000 in the lottery!

3)  I’m sorry to tell you this, but we think you may have an terminal disease.

4)  Your LIFE is about to Change forever…

5)  I’m sorry…there is no hope.

Did you notice it?  Did you feel the energy released inside your with each sentence you read?  Just writing each sentence made me feel, just for a moment, excited, peaceful or very sad, and I thought them up!

Words are powerful.

They can change you, help you, devastate you!

We’re bombarded with words daily, hourly.  The good, the bad and the ugly words.

So how are the words you hear, say and think affecting YOU?

Does “anything go” with you when it comes to words or are you aware and choosy?  Are the words that make up your life, your daily language and your thoughts, helping to motivate and encourage you?  Are they escorting you towards success and vitality or are they holding you hostage in your own life?

If you have an inkling that your words or the words you allow into your life are not exactly what you’d like them to be, take a day and just begin to notice the type of words that you speak.  Are they harsh, judgmental or impatient?  Are the words you use upbeat, positive or hopeful? Maybe a little of both.

You can change your mind and your life…With Your Words!

You really can.

Try, for one day, to only speak words that are positive and non-critical.  Words that embrace and nurture those daring desires and quiet dreams in your soul.  Practice, even for a few hours, releasing any thoughts or words that limit you, or that create doubt in anyway.  Try picturing your adult-self as a loving, wise being who comes along side that part of you who doubts life’s  possibilities and gently and confidently nudges you towards thoughts and words of confidence, happiness and satisfaction.

It’s really amazing how powerful one day can be when you are mindful of the words you harbor and the power that they wield over your present and your future.

Change your words, change your mind,

Change Your Life.

You CAN do it.

Here’s to filling your moments & life with words of possibility and power!


Liberating Creativity

Wouldn’t it be great to just set your heart free?

Your passion,

your dreams,

your creativity?

How would it feel to be able to live daily in a harmonious balance within your world and inside your heart?  Personally, I think it would be amazing… and it’s one of the visions I have for my life…

Sometimes chasing your dream may seem uncertain and even a little scary.  At least it does to me. But it’s like getting into a pool, it might be a little chilly or uncomfortable at first, but once your in, you start getting used to it and you realize that it’s actually fun!

And to take it a step further…what if you were involved with  a small group of other people who were also chasing their dreams and getting out of the comfort zones of their lives?

Shaun McNiff, an expert in expressive arts therapy puts forth in his book, “Creating With Others”, that groups of people can generate creative energy and go places together that they could never go alone.

Dreams and creativity go hand in hand…

One feeds the other!

So you can learn to  liberate your creativity to feed your dreams, your desires, your goals, your life’s mission.

You could Start Simply by reading something that inspires you and then write for a few minutes afterward and see what comes out, you might be surprised!

My next step is to reach out to someone or a few people in order to see what kind of creativity we can generate.  I am starting with my brilliant sister who is coming to visit for the holiday… she is a graphic-artist and a creative kindred spirit, plus a safe place to start.

Do you have someone who you enjoy being creative with that you can reach out to?

And it’s important to note that being “Creative” doesn’t mean you have to be “doing art”, you can be creative in cooking, or writing a short poem, or photography or journaling.  Just pick something that lights up your spirit when you do it and see how you can push it a little further and then try it with a friend.

I will let you know how it goes with my Generate Creativity Week! I am going to begin practicing Liberating My Creativity!  Won’t you join me? Let me know if you come up with any cool ideas..

Here’s to More Creative Moments!



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