A Lucky Star Is Following Me

   Have you ever heard someone complaining or saying that they always have bad luck?

Sometimes on some days it seems that we may be unlucky for one reason or another, but the last thing we should do is dwell on that or speak it out as though it is a fact about our lives.

I came up with a script for positive affirmations around luck, good timing, and things coming together for myself and I thought I would share it.  Some of the phrases totally feel true and others I am still working on.  But all of them are uplifting and move me towards a more positve “I’m feeling lucky” type attitude.

The strangest thing about writing these out was that I realized that I don’t hear anybody saying things like this out loud and I have never really stopped to even consider thinking thoughts like this.

But when you realize that action follows thought and positive energy attracts more positive energy, it seems like a powerful thing to contemplate and I have been reading through these aloud several times a week.  I really like the feeling I get after reading these positive affirmations out loud to myself and it improves my mood & my thinking by just saying and visualizing these words.

Some people don’t believe in luck and I get that to, but if you put out “positive” you will receive “positive”!

So, here you go….

My Lucky Break: Positive Affirmations for Manifesting Luck & Good Timing For Yourself

– I have a lucky star following me. 🙂

– Everyday something lucky comes my way.

– I am powerful & positive person & good timing is part of my life!

– I truly get all the luck

– Every week my good timing brings a great opportunity across my path!

– I am a magnet for good things.

– I am attracting success.

– I am starting to meet all the right people at just the right time.

– I have lucky moments all week long.

– My positive attitude draws luck and good timing to me.

– I am just a really lucky person!

– Luck & good timing always finds me where ever I am.

– Luck brings all kinds of good things my way.

-I am lucky and good things always happen to me.

These are just a few to get you started.  I have several lists of positive affirmations that I keep beside my bed and I try to begin and end my day by reading one or more of them.  If you have been a “glass is half empty” person for most of your life, it may take some time and some work to flip your energy around, but it’s possible!

It may even “feel” really awkward or different when you start saying these statments if you have never considered yourself lucky or having good timing.  But if you push through that initial resistance, you really will feel a change in your mental outlook after a few weeks.

So give it a try for a few days and see what kind of positive, lucky things start coming across your path….

“While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of having a crappy day every now and then, it certainly increases the likelihood that you’ll have far more good ones.”  Anne Grady  www.acclivityperformance.com

Cheers to Good Luck & Perfect Timing!

Kristi Jayne

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