Syncronizing Your Dreams with Positive Belief

It’s been 10 months now since I’ve embarked on this journey.  I started out in search of a way to “harness the beast” of the Internet in order to become financially and location independent and have ended up finding so much more!

I have found it IS possible to work from your labtop and even do it anywhere in the world.  I haven’t actually done the “anywhere in the world” part, but click here to see a couple who did. It’s Possible!

Don’t Be Rich, Live Rich!

Looking for a new way of making a living has led me to a new way of living…and to new ways of thinking.

Combing the power and genius of the Internet with the new schools of thought in the area of Positive Psychology(click on me)…what I am ultimately learning to do…is to affect my everyday life by using my mind to change thoughts, beliefs and to effect positive change now…starting in my head…and ending in my heart.

Once you glimpse the magic of reprogramming your brain (through the mind, thoughts and emotions), aligning yourself to be congruent inside yourself (soul, desires & thoughts) & seeing it effect your outer experience in ways like drawing new, right people into your life or everything beginning to fall into place in a certain area of your life, you begin to realize that you REALLY…amazingly, can change your life by changing what you think about and focus on.

It’s not all peaches & cream…in honesty its some of the most challenging, difficult work I have ever done in the area of personal development.  It’s stretching me, provoking me, pushing me to change and restructure my ways of thinking, my old, limiting beliefs, my ideas, my motives, my moment by moment thoughts.  But don’t let that detour you away from exploring.

For it’s liken to an adventurous journey….where you are not sure what the destination is but the process of getting there holds all kinds of opportunities for growth, excitement and challenges.  Not all bad, but not all good either…this is defiantly a no pain, no gain type of thing…but the rewards are well worth the uncomfortable places and the awkward moments you may encounter.

Well, let me rephrase that last sentence.  I am finding, daily, that the rewards are worth what effort I’ve put in, but it’s been a work in progress and I daily have to bring myself back around to remember to put in that effort.  Kinda like lifting weights….little by little, you become stronger, leaner and more capable.

Through this journey of personal growth & learning to create a digital income, I believe I have finally found a vehicle for financial independence that I have been looking for on the internet for the past 10 months. 

Between busting my limiting beliefs around money, being open to believe there was a way to create a legitimate stream of income on the internet, and working through quite a few inconvenient truths that I discovered about myself along the way, I have allowed/drawn into my life an opportunity, a company, a vehicle…that can help transport me to a place of greater and greater financial independence & which pushes me towards peak personal development.

It fits all my criteria…its’ personal, it’s fun, it’s creative, it’s entrepreneurial, it’s photography, it’s using words to inspire, motivate & encouarge, it’s touching people’s lives in simple, yet profound ways using the World Wide Web, it’s digital income and it’s location independent!

It’s also built upon the shoulders of some of the most passionate, quality, supportive people I have ever run across and it’s exploding right now as we speak. (Kinda like Netflix exploded when they hit the internet with a convenient, inexpensive way to rent movies.)  I can’t wait to see where that part of the journey leads, (Curious? Email me to find out more at, put the word “Curious” in the subject line)

At any rate…

The following are some of the things I am learning and practicing in order to see more Positive Change Now.

I am learning to synchronize my dreams with positive belief.

I am also making sure that I am congruent inside myself… with what I say I want and desire and what is actually buried in my sub & super consciousness.

I am learning to focus ONLY on what I want to allow/draw into my life and not focus or lend my mind to anything that I DONT want in my life.  This is daily exercise for me…

I am also learning about energy, positive and negative; outward, pushing away energy; open, allowing, inward energy.  I am learning how to create & harness that positive energy from myself, others and the universe to fuel creating the life I see myself living in my imagination.

I have enough history now behind me that I can look back and begin to see the fruits of my efforts manifesting in my present moment.That’s cool!

I haven’t arrived by any means….but I can see ways I am changing in my thoughts, beliefs and actions.  And I can see that being expressed, slowly, but surely, in my life around me.

Recommended Positive Change Now reading for the week:

Beach Money By Jordan Adler

Silva Life Method By Laura Silva

Thresholds of the Mind By Bill Harris


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