Fire Your Inner Critic!

Tonight I decided to fire my inner critic.

He was giving me a hard time about something trivial.  Trying to discourage me from doing something that I really was wanting to do and it felt like it was for no other reason that to give me grief.

It made me mad!

I closed my eyes for a moment to help myself calm down and instantly pictured a darkened theater with a person in silhouette sitting in the seats watching a movie, the movie of my life.  It reminded me of Robert Ebert doing a film critic, but my inner critic seems to like criticizing me just to keep me off kilter, not to actually do any good.

Do I decided it was time to try someone new.

There is certainly no hard and fast rule that say you CANT fire your critic, and I really wanted to take away the power my inner critic has lorded over me for so many years.

I at first pictured sending him out of the theater to teach him a lesson.  But a second later I felt  intuitively that I should just simply…fire him!

So I did… And it felt good! lol

Then I quickly proceeded to fill the vacancy with an inner coach who would motivate me, push me and help me move forward in my life…but with positive reinforcement and not continually negative, nagging, or detrimental comments.  It really put a smile on my face and felt right to do.  I was taking my power back!

What I needed was a positive inner coach instead of a negative inner critic! Brilliant!

Maybe your sick and tired of being bullied or harassed by your personal inner critic.  Maybe it’s gone on for years and years.  You might have tried to argue, to silence or to control it, but probably to no avail.  Some will give you ways and ideas on how to work “with” your inner critic, how to ‘live’ with your inner critic…but I say, why not just fire him and hire someone that actually wants to see you succeed and wants to help in a positive way?

Why not?  It’s your headspace…

I’ve tried those ways and ideas, but to no avail…at least not any great result..l those methods just keep you tangled up and a still a slave to it.

But tonight I think  I have made a much more fundamental shift in giving myself permission to absolutely, completely fire that critic and not to look back.  It may take a few days or even weeks of reinforcement efforts…but the inner critic is just a bad habit that we allow to take up space in our heads.

So why not fire you inner critic too!?

You can replace him with anyone you choose, a life coach, a counselor, an older version of yourself even.  And if that ex-employee tries to take back his old job, just stop, take a deep breath and stand your ground.  Reaffirm your decision and stick to it and your old inner critic will get the hint after awhile.

Your brain space is just that….YOURS!  But if you don’t draw the line and create healthy boundaries for what you will or will not allow…in your life AND in your head…you get what you get.

You should not allow anyone to talk to you in way that is cruel, hurtful or debilitating to yourself.  You wouldn’t let someone talk to your children that way, you probably wouldn’t allow someone to talk to your mother, father or sister that way.  So why would you allow a part of your inner self to speak to you in that way either?

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have a choice, or that we can do something about it and we get into a unconscious habit of tolerating our inner critic.  And the problem with the Inner Critic is that he doesn’t get easier to deal with or kinder as he goes along….he usually gets worse.  But it’s up to you and what you will accept in your space, in your life and in your head!

So! Go ahead…the next time you realize your inner critic is hassling you….close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and imagine your Inner Critic there with you…and just do it!

Fire Him!

It really will feel good…I promise.

But remember, it’s key that you purposefully “hire” someone else to take that place or he WILL be back to check and see if there is a vacancy.

Fire your inner critic today


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