New Ways of Thinking….(Part 2)

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So here I am watching the sun setting over the ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC in a comfortable lounge chair and getting my first real dose of sunshine for the Spring.

My last post left you wondering what happened when I held my hands over my pile of newly purchased Rose Quartz stones.

I wanted to feel something, but was afraid that I might manufacture it because I really did want to feel something.  So I tried my best to clear my mind and open my heart, since that is the area Rose Quartz is supposed to work on.

The truth is…

I didn’t feel anything….the first time.  In fact I felt kinda silly sitting there holding my hands over a bunch of colored rocks, or at least that’s what my inner critic thought of it! I didn’t care though.

I completely loved the idea and the process and knew that it was possible that I had more to learn before I could utilize them correctly.

So I left them sitting there in their flower shape and went to join the family in the water park.

After our weekend was over and I was back at home in my familiar space, I decided to get the Rose Quartz stones out and placed them on my kitchen table along with a lit candle.  Once again, I intuitively felt that they should be placed in the flower shape, but also felt they should all be equidistant from each other and the large middle stone precisely in the center.  So I did…

For some reason, just looking at them was comforting and the mildly flickering candle brought a calmness to the atmosphere as well.  Even though I wasn’t experiencing anything overwhelming from them, I decided to just leave them and “be” with them and see what happened.  As I went about my day, cleaning, unpacking…the kids off at school, I really enjoyed being able to see them as I passed by the kitchen door and several times I was drawn to take a seat at the kitchen table and once again hover my hands slightly above the stones.

What I discovered, after doing this several times, was something akin to a warm, very subtle vibration coming from the stones.  It didn’t seem to be tangible really, just something I could sense on an energy level.   And it made me happy and was comforting in a way I couldn’t explain.  Of course my analytical brain made excuses and scoffed at the idea that I truly felt something, but I just embraced it for what it was and determined to keep an open heart and an open mind!

My journey is continuing…I am learning more about gemstone energy medicine.  Sounds so foreign, yet completely intriguing.

I purchased an 25″ Onyx therapeutic gemstone necklace, which is supposed to be helpful for grounding yourself and am continuing to study and research Energy Medicine in general to see where this path will lead.

In the meantime, I am relaxing and finding plenty of time for mindful meditation here at my favorite place…the beach!  I am currently reading “Free Agent Nation” by Daniel H. Pink, an amazing  book on the future of working for yourself and utilizing the internet to do so.

My days here so far have been sunny, cool and breezy. I have completely enjoyed the long hours of sitting casually on the beach, no schedules, no one to take care of but myself! What’s not to love?

The ocean is a great place for contemplation and pondering and I am doing plenty of that too!

Cheers to more sunny days and new ways of thinking!


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