Big Beautiful Valentine!

Well, I have to make a confession!

Valentine’s Day is my very favorite holiday of the year.

It sounds a little silly… but it’s true.

I love this day because it’s usually a happy, light-hearted kind of day.  It’s not overwhelming for me like Christmas, there are no great big meals to prepare, and there are only simple gifts to give from the heart for whomever you chose!

I started celebrating Valentine’s Day last weekend when I went to visit my sister in Georgia.  We had a wonderful creative weekend, ate great good, shopped and exchanged fun, meaningful gifts with each other.

I think I also like this holiday because it is getting much closer to Spring and warmer weather and longer days.  Everyone looks forward to that I would suppose.  And the weather where I am this weekend has been an absolute dream!

I did some meditating in my hot tub this morning and welcomed the  bright, beautiful day.

I find the more I take that time to center myself and call balance and peace into my life each morning , the more prepared I am for the day! Plus it’s pretty easy to find it when you have a big, warm sun coming over the horizon to get you started!

I also ran across this fun blog called Down Dog Blog.  Its a small light hearted blog, but she has some simple ideas for practicing yoga/meditation at home.

Here is an excerpt:

“Developing a home practice can be challenging.  Usually, I have to feel the stars aligning in order to find the space (mental and physical) to practice at home.  But I know it’s important so lately I have been doubling down my efforts to acknowledge my resistance and work through it.

One of my issues was the space, so I designated a yoga corner in the living room. This way, I don’t have to move furniture in order to practice.  The corner is free and clear of clutter with a mat or two rolled up in the corner, an eye pillow, strap, and usually a few yoga books for reference.”

The other thing I ran across that I found very provocative and very true was a post by Johnathan Fields called “A Love Poem for Entrepreneurs”.  It  made me curious, drew me in and then made me laugh. Check out Johnathan at

A Love Poem for Entrepreneurs

Tease me. Lure me. Consume me.

Driven breathless into your arms. Why can’t I stop thinking of you.

To awaken at night and feel you wrapped around me.

Warm breath pouring across me. Tingling.

Please. I beg of you. I love you. But let me sleep.

And yet, at daybreak. You linger.

What joy….



In your grip.

I cannot stop thinking about you.

My head fills. Spinning. Whirling. Relentless.

Heart rapt. Singing. Breaking. Opening. Closing.

Shattering. Exalting. Always back for more.

Sorrow. Bliss. We dance. We play.

Why do I keep returning?

So much you’ve given. So much you’ve taken.

Yet still. I yearn. And return.

To call you once more by your name.


We are, I pray. I fear. Bound for life.

What joy.

With that I bid you adieu until another day!

Live your Moments! Your life is Now!



Photo credit: Vanessa Pike Russell (you can find more of her work at or click on link)


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