Adjusting to my new “On-Demand” Work Day

On my journey towards financial freedom, I have begun to realize that my work days don’t look like they used to..

I don’t have to work between the hours of 9-5pm any longer.  I am so used to being on the “work morning and afternoon schedule”, that I have had to remind myself  today that it doesn’t have to fall in between those hours anymore.

When I got up this morning I felt out of sorts, couldn’t really find my groove with my work.  I did all the regular things that i usually do… got up, got kids up and on bus, stoked fire, ate breakfast and took vitamins.  Then I got in the hot tub to try and meditate and find my balance for the day, but I was restless and the day was cold and gray.

I then decided I needed to get out and moving. My first thought was a bike ride, that has become my drug of choice because of the creative rush I get afterward…lol, but I realized I hadn’t been horse-back riding for almost two weeks and thot that it would be good to get out and ride Prince and let the dogs, Dixie and Ace, go run for awhile.

So went and rode and basically just got cold.

Came home, unthawed, let the other horses out and still couldn’t find my concentration or my inspiration.

I went ahead and sat down at my work spot and started sorting and got on the internet just to try and get something started.  I felt uninspired, I felt sluggish and I felt a little defeated for some reason.  My usual passion and momentum for my work just wasn’t flowing and I couldn’t figure out how to prime the pump.

I realized it had been two weeks since I had a normal, consistent string of days for working and that maybe I was just having to get adjusted to being back in the saddle.  My whole day felt awkward and out of sync, but now that the sun has set I feel some energy from somewhere and my brain seems to be ready to work a little.  That’s strange for me because my “normal” optimal brain hours are in the morning, so to have motivation hit me after dark is kinda different.

I decided to roll with it, and that maybe I am just not used to being able to work whenever the urge hits me and that it doesn’t have to be within a certain time period.  That’s really a change for me, but I have labeled it, adjusting to my new “on-demand” work day.

I think I like it,

I just have to remember to go with the flow,

and not fight to arrange it all in a neat schedule.

Inspiration doesn’t work on a schedule!




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