Your Powerful Words (Part 1)

Have you ever stopped to contemplate, just really think about how amazing words are?

Do you REALIZE what power words carry?

Words can change your life! They can alter your thoughts and beliefs.  Words can shape your entire future and yet so few of us really take the time to understand just how powerful the words we hear, think and say are.

Here is something to try that will help you “feel” my point. Below are five sentences (& of course sentences are made up of words.).  Take a brief moment to read each one…and after each sentence PAUSE and notice the feelings or thoughts that each “set of words” brings up inside you.

1)  Take a deep breath…everything is OK.

2)  Honey, you better sit down, I have some INcredible news!  We just won the $500,000 in the lottery!

3)  I’m sorry to tell you this, but we think you may have an terminal disease.

4)  Your LIFE is about to Change forever…

5)  I’m sorry…there is no hope.

Did you notice it?  Did you feel the energy released inside your with each sentence you read?  Just writing each sentence made me feel, just for a moment, excited, peaceful or very sad, and I thought them up!

Words are powerful.

They can change you, help you, devastate you!

We’re bombarded with words daily, hourly.  The good, the bad and the ugly words.

So how are the words you hear, say and think affecting YOU?

Does “anything go” with you when it comes to words or are you aware and choosy?  Are the words that make up your life, your daily language and your thoughts, helping to motivate and encourage you?  Are they escorting you towards success and vitality or are they holding you hostage in your own life?

If you have an inkling that your words or the words you allow into your life are not exactly what you’d like them to be, take a day and just begin to notice the type of words that you speak.  Are they harsh, judgmental or impatient?  Are the words you use upbeat, positive or hopeful? Maybe a little of both.

You can change your mind and your life…With Your Words!

You really can.

Try, for one day, to only speak words that are positive and non-critical.  Words that embrace and nurture those daring desires and quiet dreams in your soul.  Practice, even for a few hours, releasing any thoughts or words that limit you, or that create doubt in anyway.  Try picturing your adult-self as a loving, wise being who comes along side that part of you who doubts life’s  possibilities and gently and confidently nudges you towards thoughts and words of confidence, happiness and satisfaction.

It’s really amazing how powerful one day can be when you are mindful of the words you harbor and the power that they wield over your present and your future.

Change your words, change your mind,

Change Your Life.

You CAN do it.

Here’s to filling your moments & life with words of possibility and power!


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