Life is NOW, Live Your Moments

KJ is me.  It’s a nickname for myself.

It’s based on the first letters of my first and middle name….

(These are two large letters I got from Hobby Lobby and decorated for the pure fun of it!)

It hit me today, as I’ve been trying to really live in this day, in this moment as much as I can.  I’ve been trying to enjoy the simplicity of whatever moment I’m in and place myself squarely in the middle of it.  Because… Life is Now.

My mission is really living my moments

and therefore living my life!

It’s definitely an art and a consistent effort to be mindful of each day.  My days are numbered

and I am practicing the art of living each to it’s fullest.  I know it might sound cheesy or trite, but it’s very

profound to stop and consider your time and your life, down to how you appreciate it or if you

numbly wander through every day.

I no longer naively  believe…

that there will always be enough time to do the things I want or to enjoy

the people in my life, so I have to learn mind-full living and actually live in

each moment.

For me this has taken a good long while, but one thing I have really come to understand

and enjoy about being over 40 is that I am really starting to “get it” and be more of the Captain of my Ship

as opposed to one who is just going where ever the wind take them!

So these are the very moments that add up to be my Life…

Am I doing what I long to do?

Am I making progress towards my dreams?

Am I helping others along the way as well?

Am I making my world a better place?

Am I waiting for someday?

Well, something I am daily comely to understand better and better is…

My life is right NOW, I better live it!

Here’s to Deeper, Richer Moments,


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