Welcoming Beauty

Even the word beauty brings a smile to my face.

Who doesn’t love to soak up a beautiful photograph or piece of artwork or pause for a moment, awash in the warm, beautiful rays of the sun? Beauty isn’t necessary to life, but it sure does bathe my soul in comfort and awe each time I experience it.

I was reading today and ran across a lovely bit out of Barrie Davenport’s ebook called a Meaningful Life.

I have been reading a little bit daily for inspiration and encouragament.

You can find it yourself at…


“Beauty is the quality that thrills the soul and makes life vibrant. But you
don’t know that until you invite beauty in to your life.
Beauty elevates us beyond the mundane or even the extraordinary. It
exists as an expression of something divine – whether in nature or human
inspiration. Like love, beauty isn’t fleeting, and its effects are cumulative.
It stirs your heart, your spirit and your intellect. The more you seek and
absorb it, the more profound and essential it becomes to you.
To incorporate beauty into your life, recognize and embrace the fulfillment
and connectedness it provides, and slow down long enough to savor
it. That’s hard to do in a fast-paced world complete with near instant
gratification. Like a fine wine or a great meal, beauty can’t be rushed.”

So today, even though it is rainy and gray outside, I am looking for the beauty around me.

I love to curl up in my cozy, warm bed with a intriguing book and the rain outside gives me a great excuse to do just that.  Maybe that’s the beauty hidden in my day.

See…it’s already working!


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