Simple Bliss ~ finding happiness in a chaotic world

Simple Bliss…

So where is it… the “good life”, the sweet spot, where is that proverbial place of happiness?

Some say it’s one of our basic rights as human beings….the pursuit of it anyways.  Is it out there or in here somewhere?  Will I run across it someday or is it a lifetime of searching?

I challenge that it is with you right this moment!

If you could stop the doing, stop the thinking, stop the should and shouldn’t-ing, I propose that you would find simple bliss right there beside you, waiting to show itself in it’s quiet beauty.

Simple: clean, mild, quiet, uncomplicated or light

Bliss: extreme happiness, delight, serenity, buoyancy

Quiet delight, Uncomplicated Serenity, it’s a place you find within, inspite of the turmoil or busyness the surrounds you. It’s being able to STOP, take a soft, deep breathe and RELAX your mind and soul for a moment.  Listen for that inner voice to remind you of all the beautiful, little things all around you.  The peace of a quiet moment, the wafting of a gentle breeze through the trees, the fact that you have breathe within you and a loved one beside you.

Quietly delighting in something small and making it a meaningful moment is the beginning of Simple Bliss.  I try to practice it daily and find that just stopping whatever you are doing and purposefully soaking up that very moment somehow grounds me and calms my soul.

Try it today, just once, just for a moment… and see if you can discover a place of Simple Bliss.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that such a tiny act can profoundly change your mood and your mind.


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  1. Kara Gagliano-Scott
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 17:31:13

    I will begin doing this today! Thank you for the information and insight on something so common to all of us. I look forward to seeing more from you! 🙂


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