The Juicy Fruits of My Labor

The Juicy Fruits of My Labor…

Another morning has come and I found myself once again warm in my bed in my pre-awake state of mind, mulling over ideas for this blog,  images of what I want my life to become and how to create streams of income for myself and my family.  It’s a good feeling to get up and be even mildly excited about the prospects of what the day will bring!

I have spent way too many days, mornings and evenings practically dreading my existence because I was so unhappy with the shape my life had taken.  Sadly, it wasn’t even that awful things were taking place in my life, just that I had no purpose or fulfilling work in my life that gave me that deep down motivation to get up and get moving. I couldn’t see the good things, the simple opportunities all around me , or that possibilities before me.  All I saw was bleakness, powerlessness and a gray future before me.

About six months ago, at the beginning of 2010,I did some pretty heavy soul work, discovered some inner children from a troubled past that I had to make peace with and also decided to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

You see, I had been focusing on what I didn’t have and couldn’t change for so long, that I had dug myself into a pit of depression and angry resentment!  It was a miserable existence I am here to tell you!!  But after clearing out some mental and emotional baggage and slowly starting to guide my thoughts and focus towards a more positive perspective, things began to shift.  Looking back it’s really amazing actually.  I’m not saying everything is coming up perfect daisies now, or that it was easy or overnight, cause it wasn’t.  But I can truly feel the change in my brain, the good endorphins are flowing more consistently and I have found HOPE once again.

Hope that I can be happy, hope that I am capable of creating the life I desire, hope that I can change my life.

Now I am beginning to taste the juicy fruit of my labor, and it makes me wonder what else I can accomplish when I set my mind to gratitude for what I have been given already and set my heart to dreaming about what things are possible in my near future.


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  1. embracingyourlife
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 21:09:08

    Kristi, this is really thoughtful and powerful. I just reread this post out of curiosity to see how far I come in the past weeks and I am pleasantly surprised how good this writing is, even if I do say so myself! lmbo Anways, just wanted to encourage you and say very good job. Keep going, I can’t read wait to read more… Love, Yourself


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