Cleansing Mental Clutter

Good morning all,

Its a lovely Monday and I am fighting a head cold this morning, but intent on posting today.  Besides, I get to work from my comfy bed this sweet morning, so who am I to complain.

As I have progressed on this blogging journey I have read an enormous amount of information on blogs, internet marketing, web content and all manner of advice.  But I began to realize that I have to first confront the internal negative voices that love to give their unwelcome advice day and night.  I am fed up with it and so made a list of several thoughts that come to mind when I think about mental clutter and limiting beliefs etc.  Here are a few of things that my inner critic loves to throw at me as I contemplate doing something new…

– “I’ve waited to long to start and it may be too late!”

– “Life has passed me by.”

– “Nobody will want to hear what I think or have to say.”

– “Too many people are doing blogs and the like already, what I’m doing won’t matter.”

– “I will look foolish or stupid if I fail.”

– “All my hardwork and effort might amount to nothing!”

So, I utilized an online blog post,, to give me some guidelines

on how to go about cleaning out these obstacles in my head and proceeded to take action.  I spent some time thinking about each one.  In her blog, Tina suggests this method…

“Then clear your mind of the clutter, using one of these simple tools:

  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Spend a few minutes letting go of any tension in your body. Then visualize emptying your mind of the clutter and confusion, one source a time. Use whatever imagery works for you. You might imagine a beautiful rain, washing it away; a candle burning it up; or a raft carrying it away on a peaceful lake.
  • Let these pages you’ve been writing on symbolize the mental clutter. Physically move the paper to a different part of the house. Then return to the original room, to a space metaphorically free of all those polluting influences. Then continue with step 2.
  • Give the clutter a send off. Close your eyes and imagine bundling up the clutter (the shoulds, fears, etc.) and taking it to a fun or beautiful place where it can rest without bothering you. Maybe you take all the clutter to your favorite beach, or a camping spot, or the mall. (Sounds hokey, I know, but it works.)”

So, I closed my eyes and pictured myself standing along side a babbling brook and for each of the negative bits of mental clutter I pictured them written on a small piece of notebook paper.  I crumpled them up one at a time and sent them down the creek on a small sailboat made out of sticks.  (Maybe it does sound hokey, but I just went with it! lol)  So, that was my official send off for all those thoughts that I am banning from my mind.  It’s a first step, but like I say, at least it’s a step!

* Honest thot: Even as I write this, I feel like its cheesy, but I really am just practicing daily blogging and getting in the habit of putting it out there.  So bear with me as I learn and explore this new venue.


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