Validation and How It Affects My Work

Good morning World, I am back at it again today… It feels like I am speaking these words down a long, empty corridor, but I am going to speak them anyways.  I envision that one day soon, I will be making headway and getting comments and even be asked to do a guest writing on one of my favorite blogs like or and especially

But until then, I’m writing, cause that’s what I do! lol

Here is my inspiring link for the day… its one of the emails I woke up and read to get my daily “kickass” mindset on!

The Art of Selling Out (or Why Seeking Validation Is Stupid But Making Money Is Not)

The article is all about needing or not needing validation and really got me thinking about my own reasons for “my

work/my art” and I especially got alot out the following excerpt…

“The Honest Truth About Validation

If you need validation then you’re not creating art.

That’s not to say that what you’re doing isn’t valuable. But the thing about art is this: your art should be valuable to you, first and foremost. Everything else is a bonus.

If your art isn’t valuable to you then you’re not an artist, you’re a factory. And probably unhappy.

What if nobody sees or appreciates what you do? Is it a waste of time putting your heart into something that gets no outside validation? No. Maybe you’re too progressive. Maybe people don’t understand you. Maybe you’re not good enough right now. It happens. If you’re doing it for yourself, none of that matters. You’ll press on.”

Hope this speaks to you as well and be sure to check out Ridiculously Extraordinary website if you enjoyed it!

My question now is, that I think I actually do need validation, at least sometimes or at some point, and when it’s not there it makes me question the reason for writing or doing art. I guess, to be honest, I just want to know that it matters to someone besides myself. But what I took away was that I need to make sure that I am valuing my writing/my art regardless of feedback or lack of it!   So I’m going to keep doing it.. I guess that counts.

If any of this resounds with you or you have anything to add, please comment!  I need all the wise advice I can get, otherwise, I guess


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